The bluest brie

illustration by Mark Stivers

I have to admit I’m sort of smitten with a beginner’s blue cheese right now. Not that this is anything to be ashamed of. Rather, I pride myself as being the type of person who likes a blue cheese so strong it makes nearby children burst into tears and strikes down flowers in a violent wilt. Cambozola, however, is a different type of blue cheese. It’s a brie. A mild one, studded with the same mold (Penicillium roqueforti for you trivia buffs) used in Stilton and Roquefort. It makes for a delicious, subdued blue cheese that will find fans with blue-cheese haters and strong blue-cheese lovers. Furthermore, if you adore brie, then Cambozola presents a pleasant twist on an otherwise predictable favorite. Cambozola tastes like the thick, soft-boiled yolk of a farm-raised egg. Creamy and salty with a slight mineral flavor, and a slightly crystalline texture brought on from the mold that breaks up the creamy mouthfeel. You can find Cambozola at Whole Foods and other fine grocery stores.