Yogurt wars

illustration by Mark Stivers

A Pinkberry just opened up on Arden Way a few weeks ago, and today I just discovered that another Pinkberry is opening up five minutes away on Fair Oaks Boulevard, which is a one-minute drive from Yogurt Monkey and Yo Yo Yogurt, which are across the street from each other.

After eating at each place, I’ve realized that, really, they’re all the same place. I know most of you are ready to fight me on this. Fisticuffs over flavors. This place has green tea flavor, that place has a metallic-tasting vanilla. But let’s be honest: They’re all just yogurt. This comes down to personal taste and location more than anything.

I like Yogurt Monkey because it’s a mom-and-pop yogurt shop right down the street. The prices are fair, the flavors excellent and there’s a large selection of toppings. When I suggest we eat at that place, please save me the spiel of how I should take a 30-minute drive for yogurt in Roseville because “Their yogurt is better.” At that point, we’ll just go for ice cream.