La Bonne rules

illustration by Mark Stivers

La Bonne Soupe Cafe

920 Eighth St.
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 492-9506

A friend of mine recently got in line at La Bonne Soupe Café (920 Eighth Street) early on a Friday to “beat the rush”—only to get stuck behind some moron who ordered 14 sandwiches and 11 soups! It brought my friend’s wait time to 40 minutes, and many behind him fled the shop. Everyone knows the deal at La Bonne; in case you don’t, here’s the deal: The food is phenomenal, owner Daniel Pont is methodical and there may be a long wait. Don’t eff it up for everyone by ordering food for your whole office. It’s not Togo’s. And another thing: Don’t save a table before you’ve gotten your food. If you do that, other people who have also waited in line may receive their food and have no place to sit. People don’t tend to dally so don’t panic, you will find a place to park your derrière. Bon appétit!