Hunter Gatherers

Capital Stage

2215 J St.
Sacramento, CA 95816

(916) 995-5464

Rated 5.0

This deliciously adult, thoroughly dark comedy demonstrates the devolution of civilization in one dinner party run amok. Richard (Cassidy Brown) wants to live authentically, right down to butchering his own meat; his wife Pam (Kelley Ogden) would appreciate a perfect shower (loofah exfoliates, but doesn’t abrade). When old friends Wendy (Katie Rubin) and Tom (Jonathan Rhys Williams, who also directs) come by for dinner, things get really out of control. This show is really funny until it gets frightening—and then it’s even funnier. Here’s a hint: Don’t have the lamb! Th, F 8pm, Sa 7pm; Su 2pm. Through 6/27. $12-$29. Capital Stage on the Delta King, 1000 Front St.; (916) 995-5464;