Break away

As SN&R’s arts editor, friends and acquaintances often ask about good places to eat. For some reason, it’s mostly breakfast advice—which is a decision I have only partial control of (as per my girlfriend, who likes Lucky Cafe or Fox & Goose, and my dog, who simply likes attention and a walk first thing in the morning). So yeah, early-day eats are a rare but cherished break away. Anyway, these spots are ideal:

Asian Pearl 2009 (6821 Stockton Boulevard) is like the Titanic of local dim sum. The place seats nearly 500, and it’s a blast going on a Sunday morning, snarfing char siu bao and sipping green tea.

On weekdays and Saturday, Magpie Caterers Market and Cafe (1409 R Street) does a petit breakfast that changes day-to-day—sometimes a frittata with a baguette spear and fruit, sometimes biscuits and gravy or egg-biscuit sandwiches. It’s always good.

In my hood, people always inquire whether Uptown Cafe (1121 Del Paso Boulevard) is any good, and I always shoot back, “Affirmative.” They prep everything from scratch, and it’s the kind of breakfast I like to cure a hangover.