Sat, June 5, Lite Brite

Capitol Garage, 10 p.m., call for cover

Capitol Garage

1500 K St.
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 444-3633

In Sacramento, indie-rock bands seem to multiply faster than a hipster can buy their next pair of trendy moccasins. But all trendy moccasins aside, if you’re a local music enthusiast, check out Sacramento indie-rock trio Lite Brite. These guys liven up any show as they channel the classic rock ’n’ roll sounds and attitudes of Led Zeppelin or the Rolling Stones while keeping indie rock at their core. Lite Brite’s song “Space Shuttle” welcomes listeners with the sweet sounds of distorted guitar infused with Eddie Underwood’s classic-rock swagger. Lite Brite’s 2009 EP, Volkswagen Space Shuttle, is available for free on its website. 1500 K Street,