Issue: December 20, 2012

Bah, humbug! It's SN&R's annual grinch awards, where 13 haters in the Sacramento area with hearts at least two sizes too small get put in a corner. In this week's feature, Cosmo Garvin goes down the list, from the not-so-nice to the outright naughty. And then some.

In Frontlines, Joshua Holland asks a question that is on all our minds: Can America bear its arms problem? Seriously, how long will we allow the NRA to stifle discussion about what needs to be done to stop the killing? Also, Allen Warren, newly-elected city councilmember, answers his critics, and the city's whistleblower program is in a woeful state.

And in Arts, it's all about the good, the bad and the ugh. SN&R film critics Jonathan Kiefer and Jim Lane pick their favorite flicks of 2012--plus a few groaners and head-scratchers. The theater critics do the same in this week's Stage section, and in Music, we cut loose on the best tunes of the year, as well as the trends to watch in 2013.

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