Fri., Dec. 21, Some Fear None

Old Ironsides, 8:30 p.m., $5

Listening to Some Fear None's music is a bit like getting hit with a sledgehammer and enjoying the sensation afterward. With bone-shaking drum explosions, crunchy guitar licks and lead singer Nathan Giguiere's pummeling voice, this band rocks from the get-go. Giguiere's Scott Stapp-like vocals are on display in the brooding “Threshold,” and the heavy rock sound of “O.A.” grabs you by the throat and holds on tight. The group's latest single “Disengage” has a punishingly powerful bass line that mixes well with the song's roaring guitars. Some Fear None unabashedly rocks hard, and if the world ends on December 21, it'll go out with a bang. 1901 10th Street,