‘C’ is for ‘cookie’ … and Christmas

illustration by MARK STIVERS

According to American folklore, Santa Claus is notorious for his love of—and voraciousness for—cookies (and milk). But since he’s fictional, what should one do with the cookies already baked for Mr. Claus? One option is to donate them to The Cookie Project. On Christmas Day, this local organization goes around delivering cookies to “people working crappy jobs that in a rational and kinder world should be at home with their families,” according to its mission statement. Now in its second year, project founder John Marcotte hopes to continue spreading holiday cheer—and cookies—to people such as firefighters, police and hospital workers. It also delivers to workers at companies such as Starbucks, McDonald’s and Denny’s, while encouraging the companies’ CEOs to give employees the day off. The Cookie Project’s website, www.cookieproject.org, features cookie recipes, The Naughty List (businesses that stay open on Christmas) and information on how to get involved.