Issue: December 06, 2012

The Downtown Plaza. Greening Sacramento, and the entire valley. The dysfunctional Sacramento City Council. Downtown parking. City schools controlled by the mayor. Donations and behests. What does “business-friendly” really mean in Sacramento? And can we really try and get a Lucky Strike bowling alley downtown? All this and more, as Nick Miller interviews K.J. in this week's feature story.

So what's the point of a racial profiling advisory body that isn't doing anything? Raheem F. Hosseini looks into why Sacramento's Community Racial Profiling Commission seems to be in limbo. And Dave Kempa writes about what it's like to spend a night out at Cal Expo's emergency winter shelter.

“I’m not the Pillsbury Doughboy, and I don’t appreciate being poked.” It wasn't really a poke, though. It was more of a nibble. If new City Councilmember Steve Hansen gets that testy when asked about campaign donations, what's he going to do when someone really starts chewing? That's what Cosmo Garvin wants to know. Read it in this week's Bites.

In Arts&Culture, sometimes, it helps to be an outsider. Poet Tim Kahl and fiction writer Valerie Fioravanti—both with recently published books—talk to Kel Munger about what it's like to make a literary life in Sacramento. In Music, Aaron Carnes writes about the Drive-Thru Mystics, and in Stage, Maxwell McKee raves about the really scary ghost of Marley in the Sacramento Theatre Company's final production of A Christmas Carol—well, it's final for about 10 years, anyway.

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