Happy holidaze

What’s a good holiday present for a stoner? You know, like pipes and stuff?

—St. Chron Nicholas

Like pipes and stuff? For pipes, I like hella cool hand-blown glass made by artisans. Find them at a local head shop (duh). You can always get any manner of mass-produced smoking devices there (don’t say “bong” in a head shop; they’ll have to kick you out), but please take a moment to look at the hand-made pieces. In the past 10 years, especially on the West Coast, artists have embraced the softening of marijuana laws and are making all kinds of color-changing dragons and eyeballs and swirly things that don’t even look like pipes yet are pipes. Get your friend one of those—which look great on coffee tables and are terrific conversation starters—and maybe you will inspire someone to start their own art-glass collection.

If water pipes seem pricey, maybe buy a jar or something for them to store their cannabis. If you can’t find anything you like at a local shop, try Aqua Lab Technologies (http://aqualabtechnologies.com) or Northwest Glass Art Head Shop (www.northwestglassart.com).

About the “stuff”: Call Dave. No really, most stoners usually have a nice device, but they could often use some more weed. (Surprise.) And these days, people like to have a variety: sativas in the daytime, indicas at night. An exceptionally tasty or a hard-to-find strain is always a great gift for the chronnoisseur in your life. Too bad cannabis clubs don’t offer gift certificates.

You could always look for unique gadgets: a silicone ashtray to keep pipes from breaking when being tapped; a nice carrying bag for their favorite bong; a gift or kief box containing a variety of papers and blunt wraps; or a fancy lighter or two. Does your friend like to play games? It may be hard to find a copy, but the vintage 1970s stoner board game The Official Dealer McDope Dealing Game is fun to play. The card game Grass is easy to find at any game store and is sure to entertain. The Oaksterdam Gift Shop (www.oaksterdamgiftshop.com) is a great resource and a good way to support the cannabis community.

I want to make a holiday treat with cannabis as an ingredient. Ideas?

—Betty Chronic

Now we’re talking. First things first: Always clearly label your cannabis-infused treats! You would never want anyone, especially a child, to accidentally ingest cannabis foods. It won’t really hurt them, but it will change their whole day—and not necessarily for the better.

That said, cannabis-infused butter will work for just about any baked good in your cookbook. Pie crusts, cookies, even fruitcake. Go crazy. For some cool gluten-free and low-sugar options, check out Aunt Sandy’s Medical Marijuana Cookbook (Quick American Archives, $18.95). Author Sandy Moriarty will even show you how to make a cannabis-infused stuffed turkey! Happy holidaze, indeed! The Marijuana Chef Cookbook (Green Candy Press, $12.95) also has some really good recipes and ideas.