The weed man’s comeback

I have heard that the longer you let your marijuana plants grow, the more cannabinol they will contain, and CBN is what makes us sleepy. Is it true? If I have insomnia, should I let my buds mature a little longer?

—Drowsy Dose

Yes. CBN is created when THC is oxidized, usually through exposure to heat or sunlight. Where THC makes you feel high, CBN makes you feel stoned and will most likely put you right to sleep. You can leave your plants out for an extra week or two, although you should have probably harvested them by now, as the rainy weather is coming and mold will be a problem. You could also just leave a few buds on a sunny windowsill for a while, and see if that works for you.

How can I find a dispensary in Nevada City or Grass Valley?

—Foothills 420

Good Luck. Grass Valley has a ban on cannabis clubs. Although I know that there are one or two very, very discreet clubs in Grass Valley, they keep an incredibly low profile. A search on and showed no clubs in the area. Your best bet may be a delivery service. Or just find a “weed man.”

It’s an interesting thing: When cannabis clubs started to proliferate, the friendly neighborhood weed man was practically driven out of business. I know a few guys that actually had to get jobs (at cannabis clubs, of course—it’s a skill-set thing). And this change made sense. Clubs offer regular hours, a great selection and buyer-rewards programs. However, since the government seems hell-bent on shutting down cannabis dispensaries, the weed man is making a comeback. And the weed man has learned that gone are the days of waiting hours or days for Jimmy Greenthumb. The weed man now returns calls promptly, has a good selection at great prices, and has learned a thing or two about customer service. This is California. I am sure you know someone who knows someone that sells a little pot. Ask around. Discreetly.

Love your column! Here’s my question: I was talking with a friend today, and she was discussing different strains for different things. So, I guess I’m wondering: When did weed become pretentious like wine?

—Not a Chronnoisseur

Thank you for your kind words. As to your question: Weed has always been at least as pretentious as wine. It’s a varietal thing. Just like some people prefer a pinot noir to a zinfandel, some other people prefer a good Bubba Kush to a nice Trainwreck. Hell, back in the ’70s, folks would argue about Panama Red vs. Acapulco Gold.