Issue: September 27, 2012

Congressman Dan Lungren is in a hotly contested re-election battle with Democrat challenger Dr. Ami Bera. It's a Sacramento-area race that will impact whether Democrats in Washington take back the House of Representatives. That's a big deal! So, what better time to "Get to know your Congress member" than with SN&R's first ever Dan Lungren Trivia Challenge! Read this week's cover story and take the test now.

This week in news: Raheem F. Hosseini looks at the future of crime and punishment in the Golden State with his analysis of Propositions 34 and 36, Nick Miller discusses Sacramento's latest war on homelessness, Cosmo Garvin keeps dreaming about the future of space travel, and SN&R's editorial board endorses Rob Kerth in the District 2 city council race.

Also this week: A hot but messy new art exhibit at the Center for Contemporary Art, a guide to the 31 awesome things during the 31 days of Artober, and SN&R's pot answer man Ngaio Bealum looks at whether three U.S. states will legalize marijuana this November.