Issue: September 20, 2012

It's the Best of Sacramento, with a twist! This year, SN&R put its editorial stamp on the annual Best of Sacramento issue, nominating people, places and things -- as well as things to do -- in dozens of categories. The result? Readers voted for their favorites in droves and, in a few awesome cases, even picked write-in candidates as winners.

FOOD & DRINK: Go off-menu with one of Sacramento's best sushi chefs, follow the farm-to-table path with a culinary master and soak up some joie de vivre with the guy who actually brings the food to your table.

NIGHTLIFE & ENTERTAINMENT: Indulge your music fix with two of Sacramento's biggest music-store junkies, entertain your pooches and dance the drunk away.

SHOPS & SERVICES: Take a walk with some happy, peaceful dog walkers; strike a pose with a kind yogi, and find out the best places to prove that money really can buy a little happiness.

ARTS & SMARTS: From the queen of the geeks to a dancer practically born on pointe, these local doyennes keep Sacramento smart, sophisticated and stylish.

SPORTS & RECREATION: Learn the sudsy secrets of beer pong, get down and dirty in the mud, and then take to the water for a little paddleboard action.

SEX & DATING: We've got your love life covered -- including the best seat for watching sparks fly and the perfect spot for a modern take on Lady and the Tramp and -- ooh, racy! -- where to take it all off.

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