Issue: September 13, 2012

Should local nice-guy comedian Mike E. Winfield go nice? He can't help but to wonder if he's doing this whole comic thing right. Maybe he should rough it up a bit, he ponders. You know, throw in some swearing--an oral-sex joke or two. Or maybe he's just too nice a guy. Rachel Leibrock tries to get down to the (still clean) dirty in this week's feature.

In Frontlines, it's time to give some props to the Props. We mean the ballot propositions, which are as numerous and confusing as ever. First up, SN&R staff writer Raheem F. Hosseini asks if Proposition 35 will really get tough on human trafficking, or just cause trouble for the working girls (and guys). Some local sex workers are trying to stop it. And sometimes old ballot measures are like zombies: you think it's dead, but here it comes again. Catherine Zaw writes about Proposition 33, which is pretty much the same thing as the defeated Proposition 17 of a few years back. And in this week's Bites, Cosmo keeps chewing on the idea of a new charter commission and what it might actually be able to do to--and for--the city.

And speaking of zombies, do they like dubstep? Turns out, yes, they do. At least, they do when it's the soundtrack for a new zombie-flick from Mystery Zone Productions, a local indie movie company, and it's called Dance Step of Death. SN&R contributor Lovelle Harris has the scoop in this week's Arts&Culture. Also this week, Jeff Hudson raves about Mahalia: A Gospel Musical; Devo keeps it weird at Sunrise Mall in music; and Ask Joey sez sex is important.

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