Issue: September 06, 2012

And then we came to the end … of Sacramento. In this week's feature, SN&R's resident Armageddon-obsessive, Kel Munger, talks with a number of experts to find out how the city will go up in smoke or down in flames. Zombies? Aliens? Robot apocalypse? Super fire? She's got 'em all and then some.

In Frontlines: Bites is back! That's right, Cosmo Garvin returns with a newer, better, snarlier Bites column. This week, he takes on K.J. and money. He's joined in the column slot by Greg Lucas, who kicks off our new Capitol Lowdown column on state politics. Also, something about trains …

In Arts&Culture, if Sacramento survives, it's sure to be funny. Stephanie Rodriguez interviews local comedian Brian Crall about the upcoming Sacramento Comedy Festival. Also, d'ART previews this Second Saturday; Jeff Hudson raves about Antony and Cleopatra in Nevada City; and Nick Miller talks to G. Green.

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