Issue: August 30, 2012

It's all about the sound. That's the bottom line when it comes to SN&R's own Sammies, the Sacramento Area Music Awards. Nick Miller knows the local music scene like nobody's business, and in this week's feature, we announce the 2012 Sammies Nominees. Get ready to vote!

In Frontlines, contributor Christopher Arns digs deep to find out what's going on with the city's new protest ordinance, which seems to be aimed pretty specifically at the local Occupy movement. And Will Evans writes about those silly state legislators. You know, the ones that voted to ban certain types of gifts – and then accepted them.

Occasionally, when reading through the playbill at a theatrical production, you'll see someone credited as the “dramaturge.” What in the world is that? SN&R contributor Becky Grunewald answers that question – and illuminates the work of Sacramento dramaturges Stephanie Tucker and Lauren Sullivan in this week's art feature. And speaking of the theater, it's a double five-star ravin' Willie kind of week, as Patti Roberts and Maxwell McKee give our best of all possible ratings to new shows at, respectively, the B Street Theatre and Big Idea Theatre.

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