Get behind the camera

Know by Stillmotion filmmaking tour

Tap into your inner Lena Dunham or Wes Anderson with the Know by Stillmotion filmmaking tour. Stillmotion, a filmmaker and photographer collective based in Canada and San Francisco, presents this series of seminars and how-tos visits Sacramento on Tuesday, September 18, as part of its 36-city jaunt. Topics include seminars and workshops on editing, storytelling, lighting and audio. The location’s yet to be announced, but registration is open online. Priced at $149, $199 and $249, there are three options (all three include an accompanying smartphone app and hardcover book). OK, so it’s not exactly cheap, but it’s a lot more affordable than film school, and—bonus—you don’t have to spend all semester sitting next to that one guy who always wants to debate the cultural importance of Farrelly brother flicks.