Press release pretends to be official Sacramento County business

When it comes to fighting the fight against climate change, business interests are getting creative. And perhaps even a bit sketchy.

Consider last week, when the California Manufacturers & Technology Association distributed a media press release on the perilous impact that the California Global Warming Solutions Act, or “A.B. 32,” will have on Sacramento County’s coffers. CM&TA argues that the implementation of climate-change programs in California will cost the state nearly $4 billion by 2020, including tens of millions here in Sacramento.

But the kicker is that CM&TA made the press release appear as if it were sanctioned by Sacramento County: The file names were titled “Sac County Release” and “Sac County Advisory,” just like official county media files. And CM&TA advertised its press conference as being at the Sacramento County Departments Administration Building, further marrying its event with Sac County. But, it turns out, the press conference was actually outside the building—which was noted in a parenthetical at the bottom of the press release.

A county spokesperson confirmed that CM&TA’s event had nothing to do with official business.