Issue: August 16, 2012

Ever heard of the Sacramento Public Policy Foundation? Neither had we, until Cosmo Garvin started looking at the public policy non-profits run by Mayor Kevin Johnson--often with a revolving door for personnel between them and his official City Hall staff. The SPPF is the umbrella organization for groups like Think Big and Greenwise Sacramento. And the money to run them comes from an interesting mix of sources, including unlimited donations from private sources--some of whom have business before the city council. Is it a "parallel" or "shadow" government? Read this week's feature and decide for yourself.

In Frontlines this week, we return to, well, the front lines of the Battle for Midtown. Yeah, it's the drunks and nightclubs and entertainment businesses versus neighborhood "quiet" activists, among other squabbles. Nick Miller reports. Also: Christopher Arns on the city's move to send Occupy Sacramento packing and Sarah Vorn on the state of Second Saturday.

In Arts&Culture, it's Midtown Cocktail Week, and we've got the cure for what ails you. Well, maybe not, but if we don't, one of these local mixologists certainly will. Becky Grunewald interviews some of Midtown's fancy-drinks-occasionally-with-umbrellas experts on what to look for in a great cocktail. Also: Andrew Bell on Greyspace emcee Matt Lowe in Music; Kel Munger on writers as feral cats in Stage; and Kimberly Brown finds out how to make fake blood look really gush-y in 15 Minutes.

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