Issue: August 09, 2012

Who hasn't wanted to spank Josh Fernandez at one time or another? You'll get to meet the lucky man who did in this week's feature, as Fernandez investigates Sacramento's BDSM culture. Are we 50 Shades of Grey? Turns out Sacramento isn't all that vanilla, at least.

It seems like service animals are everywhere, and that's a good thing, right? Well, if it's a trained service animal, sure--but our writer says getting a vest for your dog is as easy as placing an order online. So what are the regulations about service animals, and who enforces them? Our writer finds out. And Bites goes back for seconds with Yolo County district attorney Jeff Reisig.

In Arts&Culture, Rachel Leibrock goes back to the mall. It was a teenage dream a couple of decades ago. So how has Sunrise Mall stood up to the test of time and, more importantly, is there egg in an Orange Julius? Also in arts, Steph Rodriguez has the scoop on the Punch & Pie Festival, Becky Grunewald reviews Shady Lady Saloon, and Kel Munger previews the upcoming Evolution of Comedy Tour.

Given that earlier talk about BDSM, we need a safe word. How about Sweetdeal? Hey, even if it's not safe, you'll save! Check it out: