Hobbyist heaven

Let’s be real for a minute: Sacramento is full of weirdo hobbyists. We’re talking about people obsessed with things such as camellias, anime, India pale ale, fixed-gear bikes, banjos, mustaches, bacon, mermaids, Linux, zombies, steampunk, and basically every other fringe and niche hobby you can possibly think of.

Still, these groups of devoted hobbyists give Sacramento the character and small-town charm that sets its apart from other Northern California cities (we’re looking at you, Bay Area). So in honor of everyone who keeps Midtown (and surrounding areas) janky, the following are some of the area’s uniquely Sacramento events happening this week.

American Philatelic Society Stamp Show

This three-day stamp expo happens at the Sacramento Convention Center August 16-19. Sure, it’s an old-fashioned hobby, but if you’re into collecting stamps of any sort, this event features seminars, evaluations, dealers, vendors and auctions for stamps from around the world. Besides, the event is free, and organized by the largest nonprofit stamp-collecting organization in the world, the American Philatetic Society.
Sacramento Convention Center, 1400 J Street; www.stamps.org/stampshow-ss.

Ragtime Festival

You’ll have to drive about 50 miles east of the central city to get to this event, but the Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival highlights the now-passé genre of American piano playing as pioneered by Scott Joplin. It features seminars, films, and, of course, rags—arranged and performed by pianists, banjo players, modern quartets and jam bands—some people even dress in Great Gatsby-inspired garb. The festival takes place in five small venues, August 10-12. www.suttercreekragtime.com.

Treasure Trove of Gems Show

Are you into wearing cheap but fashionable necklaces or rings? Then this event is will help augment your jewelry and accessory collection—whether you enjoy beads, gems, minerals or just gemology in general. It also features gold panning, food and beverages—and the whole thing raises funds for the San Juan Junior Spartans, a local youth sports group. Saturday, August 11, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday, August 12, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; $4-$6.
Orangevale Community Center, 6826 Hazel Avenue in Orangevale; www.treasuretroveofgems.com.