Issue: July 19, 2012

It's time for a road trip! In this week's feature, five SN&R writers share their best, worst and most life-changing experiences on California's highways, byways and back roads. Mix road-weary angst and drama with moments of unexpected joy for that "on the road" feel

In Frontlines: Well, waddaya know? Not everybody who uses a disabled parking placard downtown is actually, uh, disabled. Contributor Christopher Arns writes about these downtown parking scammers. Also, Cosmo Garvin weighs in with some predictions in Bites. What does he prophesy for the ultimate future of underground gas storage, the city charter commission and high-speed rail? You might be surprised.

What's cuter--and more annoying--than a kid with drums? Not much. But Sacramento musician Alex Dorame turns elementary schoolers into the next generation of rockers. Steph Rodriguez reports in Arts&Culture.

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