Issue: July 26, 2012

Remember when Lance Armstrong's bike was stolen in Sacramento? Yeah, well, he's not alone. In this week's feature, Raheem F. Hosseini looks at the facts on area bicycle theft and suggests that Sac may very well be the bike theft capital of America. Bikes are like cash here. Read it and decide for yourself. Oh, and make sure you lock that two-wheeler up--even if you're just leaving it for a minute.

In Frontlines this week, Nick Miller gives us the scoop on the tamale lady--she's been making the rent money by selling tamales outside a Wal-Mart. Now, what should be a minor charge of tresspass may get her deported. Also: Cosmo Garvin on another round of layoffs at the Bee and whether the proposed sales tax hike in the city is the business-killer that opponents say it is; and Lynn Graebner on health care costs.

Can a bodybuilder make a natural comeback? You bet, says Michelle Shepherd, a local bodybuilder who is doing it. Seth Sandronsky reports in this week's Arts&Culture. In music, Rachel Leibrock tells us Chromeo is gettin' nerdy with it at the Launch Festival this week, and in stage, Jim Carnes raves about Dying City.

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