Let them Occupy

Let your city council member and the mayor know what’s up: www.cityofsacramento.org/council.

And while we’re on the subject of disappointment with city leadership, here’s another action item: The city’s plan to impose new rules and permit requirements on protests in the Sa’Cumn’e Plaza.

Yeah, we didn’t know the space between the old and new city halls had a name, either, until Cosmo Garvin reported on it in these pages last week (see “Shush!” by Cosmo Garvin, SN&R Bites, July 12).

We can understand that city workers housed in these buildings would like to get work done without the disturbance of protests. But those pesky little rights we all enjoy—freedom of speech, freedom of assembly—trump officials’ desire to work unhindered by public outrage.

If, as we suspect, the proposed ordinance is aimed at the nearly yearlong Occupy Sacramento protests, it’s misplaced. Enforcing the existing laws—and replacing landscaping while posting it off-limits to sitting, standing or walking—would take care of the problem.

Limiting available venues to protest government actions crosses the line, and the city council needs to put the kibosh on this plan immediately.

As for banning balloons—well, we’re good with that. They’re messy, frightening when they pop, not good for the environment and make weird squeaky sounds.

But keep your hands off our right to peacefully protest at a public forum such as City Hall.