Issue: June 28, 2012

OK, sure, our writer admits to eating weird food from time to time, like chicken feet and ostrich burger. And watching cable programs such as Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern often makes him hungry. But SN&R writer Jonathan Mendick has often wondered about the strange Sacramento culinary territory that exists beyond what he's already eaten; thus begins his strange and surprisingly tasty journey to find and eat some of Sacramento's strangest foods in this week's feature story. Believe us, it will get weird.

In Frontlines this week, city charter reform is now in the voters' hands. Cosmo Garvin looks at the prospects of a commission to change City Hall's form and function. Also this week: Thanks to judicial decisions over the last two years that radically altered federal campaign finance rules, the fate of the nation lies in the hands of about 100 wealthy Californians--or, to be more precise, in their checkbooks. Darwin BondGraham reports on the elite group of Golden State SuperPAC donors.

In Arts&Culture: After two years, continued budget woes and a concerted community effort, Southside Park's community pool has finally reopened. Lory Gil chronicles one group's endeavor to reopen the pool--and what it means for a neighborhood rich in Sacramento culture and history. Also: the Korean ramen restaurant Bowl & Ramen offers diners some pretty random--but tasty--choices; Josh Fernandez, writing about Scratchpad Sacramento, makes an argument for the deejay as artist; and a local fireworks seller gives advice on how to blow things up--safely and legally--this 4th of July.

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