Issue: July 05, 2012

Would we be better off if we went cold turkey on the gadgetry? Dumped social media and—gasp!--Farmville? Said farewell to funny cats riding Roombas on You-Tube? That's the question Aaron Lake Smith takes a stab at in this week's feature.

Of course, there is another big question out there when it comes to social media site Facebook: What effect will its stock price have on California's budget? That's right; the value of Facebook has an impact on how the state's budget works out. Greg Lucas tells you what you need to know. Also up front: Crawdad Nelson on how to eat a squirrel.

In the arts section, Rachel Leibrock talks to Christian Kiefer, an American River College professor who has a new novel out; Kel Munger says Music Circus needs to build an audience that isn't eligible for AARP cards; and Andrew Bell covers Tribe of Levi's new release.

All that, plus a kicking guide to the hidden delights of the California State Fair.

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