Big (deep-fried) fun

illustration by Mark stivers

Cal Expo

1600 Exposition Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95815

(877) 225-3976

Foodies, take note: The California State Fair is just around the corner, opening Thursday, July 12. One thing beer and food enthusiasts might enjoy is a celebration of the fair’s Commercial Craft Brewing competition winners at the Friends of the California State Fair Brewfest, happening Saturday, July 28. But even before that, you’ll certainly have a plethora of beer and wine drinking options, and plenty of fried food to soak up all of that alcohol. In case you were wondering, the fair sent out a press release with some of its creative fried-food options, which include (but are not limited to): deep-fried cheeseburgers (with jalapeño cheese), chocolate-covered bacon, a brick of curly fries, deep-fried mac ’n’ cheese on a stick, deep-fried grilled cheese sandwiches and (likely to be my favorite) deep-fried red-velvet cake. Tip: Bring antacids. And don’t attempt holding onto a roller-coaster restraining bar after eating these dishes. Check out for more information.