Issue: June 07, 2012

Automatic rifles, grenade launchers, elbow pads, night-vision goggles—when it comes to military handouts, it's hard to beat Sacramento County. Ranked No. 3 in the state, Sacramento County has raked in $25.3 million in goodies from the U.S. Department of Defense since 1990. It's not all weapons—the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department scored a $5,603 espresso machine—but it begs the question: Are area cops becoming too militarized? Raheem F. Hosseini investigates.

In Frontlines: Sacramentan Anthony Swofford found success with his book, Jarhead, which was brought to the big-screen with A-list talent in 2005. Success proved almost as difficult for Swofford as he descended into a spiral of sex drugs and alcohol, including a trip to Tokyo where he bedded three different women—two he flew in and installed on different floors of the same hotel, and a third a subway stop away—without the others finding out. Swofford tries to make peace with his past in his latest work, Hotels, Hospitals and Jails. Mary Duan reports. Also this week, Nick Miller has the scoop on a rekindled Second Saturday parking battle, Cosmo Garvin wonders why animal control killed Frank so soon, and also looks into the ongoing battle over pumping gas under Sacramento's Avondale and Glenn Elder neighborhoods.

In Arts&Culture, Steph Rodriguez takes a ride with two of Sacramento's most legendary taxicabs—driven by Dave "Taxi Dave" Rivera and Lorraine "Taxi Lorraine" Fisher—to hear tales of fares gone by. In case your calendar's broken, we're reminding you it's almost Second Saturday. Check out our art picks for this month online and pick up a copy of SN&R for a map of galleries to check out this weekend. Also, Greg Lucas visits Juno's Kitchen & Delicatessen, Stage goes from Triple Espresso to Toke, Nick Miller has good news for Sea of Bees fans looking for a show.