Issue: June 14, 2012

It's SN&R's 2012 Summer Guide! There’s no prize if you actually go and do all 99 of SN&R’s tips for maximizing this summer’s cool. But there’s the self-satisfaction of knowing where all the good in Sacto may be found, and that has to be worth something. For instance, let’s say a friend asks about the best avocado popsicles, falcon-tamers or indoor surfing spots—because people bug you about stuff like that all the time—no? Anyway, now, answers will abound.

Global evangelical leader Luis Palau, who has preached to 30 million people in 75 countries, will be coming to Sacramento this week. Often compared to Billy Graham, SN&R decided a conversation with Palau was in order, and it's in Frontlines. Also this week: Should Sacramento County crack down on an “underground economy”?

And the annual Sacramento French Film Festival goes down this weekend. We’d try to impress you with some kind of French phrase here, but just go ahead and check out this week’s calendar instead. Also this week: Greg Lucas turns up the heat at Phaya Thai, Jonathan Kiefer gives the thumbs up to Wes Anderson’s latest film, Jim Carnes says the cabaret is hoppin' at the Sacramento Ballet, Jeff Hudson says you can get Next to Normal in Nevada City, and Nick Miller lays out all this summer’s music festivals in a tidy row.

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