Surf a wave of light

When night falls, Surf Xtreme Sacramento turns up the music and turns on the lasers

MariJo Andres takes to the waves at Surf Xtreme.

MariJo Andres takes to the waves at Surf Xtreme.

Photo By william leung

23. Surf a wave of light

Imagine surfing without the endless paddling, chilly water or shark threats. Now add rock music and a laser light show playing on the waves as you ride. Project a movie above the water, just for fun. Surf until you get tired, and then grab a hot Nutella croissant and a cold beer at the cafe just a few feet away.

What sounds like a dream sequence from a psychedelic Gidget sequel is actually the newest nighttime entertainment in Elk Grove. The recently opened Surf Xtreme Sacramento boasts an indoor FlowRider wave simulator, a trampoline room, a paintball court, a pro shop, and a beer and wine bar.

The FlowRider is the real attraction, offering a new sport that has the illusion of surfing with the maneuverability and trick potential of snowboarding or skateboarding. New riders watch a five-minute-orientation video before their first session, and first-aid-certified wave attendants are there to help everyone get the hang of it. The entertainment complex is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., but the light show only happens at night.

This surfing and paintball facility is owned by Chris (left) and Darla Parvizyar.

Photo By william leung

Surf Xtreme is the project of Chris and Darla Parvizyar. The couple relocated from Phoenix to reopen and expand the short-lived Dream Xtreme indoor-surfing facility, which closed in 2010.

“In Elk Grove, there are so many families with children, but there’s not a lot to do,” Darla explains. “When kids get bored, they get in trouble. We have risked everything to bring this to the community for the kids.”

The Parvizyars are raising three children (including a teenager and a toddler), which might make any married couple think twice about starting such a large business. But the Parvizyars insist their strong bond will see them through all challenges. “We are so proud of ourselves as a couple. We are best friends,” Darla says.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Surf Xtreme is a great place for a family to blow off steam. “Oh, we play!” Darla says. “When I finally started body boarding, oh my God! What a rush! I wanted to fall more than I wanted to ride. It’s like riding a waterslide backwards. I felt all this euphoria and happiness.”

Surf Xtreme Sacramento, 3443 Laguna Boulevard in Elk Grove; (916) 676-4747;