Beer + art = sweet charity

Everywhere you turn these days, there are deserving causes and charities that need help. Sometimes it’s hard to decide which to support. But for the month of June, you can easily—and joyfully—support a local art cause just by drinking!

Verge Center for the Arts (625 S Street) and Ruhstaller Beer have come up with a delicious way to donate. On Thursday, June 7, Verge will be hosting Tap Into Art, a fundraiser with beer, food and art making. For the rest of the month, Ruhstaller has partnered with many local restaurants to donate a portion of its proceeds to Verge each time you order its beer. Bows & Arrows, Grange Restaurant, Pangaea Two Brews Cafe are among the participating spots (find the whole list at

Verge provides studio and exhibition space for artists and has a record of creative fundraising. It did a great Southern-food dinner with chef Jaymes Luu last year, along with food-based documentary movies. I hope to see the South rise again at Verge this fall!