Issue: May 10, 2012

A 2008 study conducted by Vegetarian Times magazine found that a whopping 7 million Americans now follow a vegetarian diet for one reason or another. So it's no surprise that the Sacramento region now boasts myriad options for those who don't partake of meat. In this week's feature, members of SN&R's editorial team (made up of two vegans, one vegetarian and one former vegetarian) hunkered down to select the top 25 local vegetarian dishes. Enjoy!

In Frontlines: Political battles at downtown's Capitol building take all shapes and sizes. This week, however, was unique: The debate centered on duck-billed birds, their livers, Sacramento's chefs in white--and one very powerful California Democratic Party chairman, John Burton. Nick Miller reports on the wild ride that is the 2012 foie-gras ban debate. Also this week: Seth Sandronsky reports on the day in the life of a Sacramento State hunger striker, the plastic island of trash in the ocean is still growing, and SN&R's editorial board endorses the California DISCLOSE Act.

In Arts&Culture: Greg Lucas sweeps the leg and Ninja Sushi; Nick Miller previews the beginning of the summer festival season; Rachel Leibrock chats with "tapigami" master Danny Scheible; and Jim Carnes raves about that man-eating plant musical at Sacramento Theatre Company.

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