Rated 2.0

A Chicago teenager (Miley Cyrus) has boy trouble—broken up with Chad (George Finn), falling for best friend Kyle (Douglas Booth)—and parent trouble with her mother (Demi Moore), mainly because she and Mom are really so much alike. Writer-director Lisa Azuelos adapts her own French-language movie, and makes a lot of mistakes. For example, the casting of Finn and Booth—they look so much alike that it takes half the movie to be able to keep them straight, and it’s hardly worth the trouble; they’re as bland and faceless as Calvin Klein underwear models. Cyrus and Moore do their best, but their characters are more annoying than dramatic; besides, it’s hard to work up any concern for the “plight” of a bunch of well-off adolescents on their class trip to Paris, France (poor babies!). Humdrum all the way.