Eye gifts, unwrapped

On and Off Bass

Mike Watt is (and has always been) the consummate bass player for the ages. Over the years he’s not only added a definitive, low-end rumble to bands such as the Stooges, Firehose and the Minutemen, he’s also proven himself quite the introspective sort. And, as evidenced in his latest book, the aptly titled On and Off Bass (Three Rooms Press, $25), he’s also a skilled, still-life photographer with a keen eye for capturing what he calls “eye gifts.” This full-color collection of pictures chronicles, among other visuals, many of Watt’s kayak excursions near his hometown of San Pedro in SoCal, complete with some mighty-fine narrative, however brief. Short, journal-like entries from different countries and cities reflect his ever-changing states of mind. A must-read-and-see affair. www.threeroomspress.com.