OMG! So cute!

Let’s Draw Cute Animals

As part of her ongoing Illustration School book series, Japanese artist and animator Sachiko Umoto’s Let’s Draw Cute Animals (Quarry Books, $15.99) gives step-by-step instructions on how to draw animals in her signature style that’s whimsical, charming and notably kawaii—an aesthetic of cute that permeates much of Japanese popular culture. Geared at children, it’s a neat book for an adult to pick up, too, especially if you are serious about doodling. It’s not for people who turn their noses up at all things twee and charming. Plenty of books teach drawing techniques, but few are specific about how to draw delightful creatures. Umoto makes it accessible, breaking down the complex into digestible and adorable forms. If you never thought an ostrich could be cute, think again.