What will it take?

Nobody wants to be lectured by some enviro-do-gooder vegan. But it’s not preachy to ask people who say they have seen the footage of animal cruelty at factory farms, and are aware of the negative environmental and health effects, “What is it going to take for you to stop being cruel in participating in all of that?” as Gale Hart, a longtime vegan, artist and Sacramento resident says. “Most people answer, ‘I don’t know’ … because they don’t want to change.” But she offers a solution, too. “Sometimes you get, ‘Well, I wish I knew more about vegan food.’ OK! Give them information on that. Or … ‘If I found another way to get protein, I guess.’ Or, ‘I really like the taste of meat.’ There are [faux] meats out there that you can get used to … and then you won’t like the taste of meat.”