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Best romantic drive to nowhere

Delta Road

Someone wise once advised that “love don’t cost a thing.” To be sure, some of its best moments are as free and easy as a simple day trip. Head out to the two-lane Highway 160—also known as the Delta Road or River Road—for a leisurely drive along the Sacramento River. Pack a picnic and enjoy the scenery. There are lush pear groves, gorgeous wineries and scenic inns and harbors. There are also ghost towns, historic landmarks, places to windsurf and more than 20 resorts offering the likes of bistro dining, swimming, tennis and live music. You can also ditch the crowds and take in the migratory birds, watch for jackrabbits or just sit on the riverbank and take in one perfect, old-fashioned, technology-free moment.
. R.L.

Best place to let it all hang out

Laguna del Sol

We here at SN&R can’t claim to be nudists or anything, though we’ve stumbled onto a few nude beaches in our day. Laguna del Sol, however, is more like an amusement park for the birthday-suit aficionado, complete with its own lake, pools, clubhouse, lounge, restaurant, dog park and gym. It sprawls a whopping 250 acres, and the place offers overnight stays in a hotel-like resort, in an RV village—or even a tent camping area, if you prefer to go the wholly natural route. 8683 Rawhide Lane in Wilton, (916) 687-6550, J.M.

Best date-night takeout

Kathmandu Kitchen

Maybe you’ve been a couple forever, or maybe this attraction falls squarely into booty-call territory (no judgment here, folks). Either way, there are some nights when it’s best to keep the lovin’ inside. Whether you’ve got movies or other, uh, activities on the agenda, don’t forget the sustenance. Skip the pizza delivery and venture out for some Indian takeout. Kathmandu’s vast menu of spicy, fragrant dishes are best shared, family style. The vegan thali—a feast that includes samosas, puri bread, rice and chutney—is particularly couple-worthy. 1728 Broadway, (916) 441-2172, R.L.