Vote Rob Kerth

We take the Sacramento City Council District 2 election seriously, not just because we work in the district, but also because north Sacramento has a storied history that has fallen into decay and disrepute over the past years. One of the biggest problems is the perception—not the reality—of a high crime rate. Another is empty storefronts. And, yet another, is a lack of enthusiasm for investing here.

While Allen Warren has done some serious work at bringing this district back to its former glory as a developer and community organizer, he’s also been plagued with missteps. We value his contributions, but think both he and the district would be better served if he devoted his time to getting his personal affairs and business interests back on track before tackling the problems facing the entire community.

We’re endorsing Rob Kerth for the District 2 seat on the Sacramento City Council. Kerth’s served this neighborhood—and the city as a whole—for a long time, and he knows how to get things done. We were impressed with his proposals to revitalize city services by “keeping score differently,” rejecting the old style of simply avoiding mistakes and instead focusing on putting the space and resources we already have to good use as quickly as possible. His goal to revitalize the parks—because, he believes, “resources follow enthusiasm”—is a sound one. We agree with Kerth that money isn’t the problem, whether in District 2 or in the city as a whole: The real problem is a lack of enthusiasm and involvement.

We look forward to helping him revitalize an area that is SN&R’s home, and we urge readers to vote for Rob Kerth for Sacramento City Council District 2’s seat.