Issue: October 04, 2012

What do women want … from a president? In this week's feature, Rachel Leibrock addresses the “gender gap” in this presidential race by asking local women to write a letter to the next president—whoever it may be. Here's what the women have to say.

In Frontlines, Nick Miller takes a close look at the city's Measure U, which would bump local sales taxes, and Raheem F. Hosseini takes a close look at Proposition 36, which would revisit the state's notorious “three-strikes” law. In Bites, Cosmo Garvin chomps on the Bee's Marcos Breton and Campbell's soup. Mmm, mmm, good.

In this week's Arts&Culture, SN&R's Jonathan Mendick goes in search of the jukebox artists; he finds technology, vinyl and adventurous deejays. Also: Aaron Carnes on Island of Black and White in Music; Becky Grunewald goes ape for steaks and more at The Willo in Nevada City; and Patti Roberts says The K of D at the B Street Theatre is five-star ravin' Willie goodness.

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