Vote Steve Hansen

The first city council member for the new District 4, redrawn to include the entire central-city grid, will have a difficult and exciting job. The district has all the problems that the rest of Sacramento does—budget losses, service cuts—plus the sort of problems common to urban cores—infrastructure decay, after-dark vacancy and, in Sacramento’s case, homelessness.

While we really appreciate Joe Yee’s thoughtful approach to policy and knowledge of City Hall’s inner workings, we’re endorsing Steve Hansen for this seat.

Hansen had some specific proposals for using the burgeoning arts and entertainment scene in Midtown and downtown as catalysts to power economic growth and redevelopment. He understands that the funky, artsy style that has sprung up in the last two decades is a huge asset that has only begun to be fully utilized. He’s a hands-on, suit-up-and-show-up guy. And he’s determined to build employment sectors other than government payroll, so that Sacramento can become economically sustainable and establish an urban identity not entirely tied just to its status as the state capital.

He’s also big on transparency, which we find crucial. He backs the idea of an independent city auditor and an ethics commission, both of which would go a long way toward restoring trust in Sacramento city government.

For all of these reasons, we urge you to vote for Steve Hansen for Sacramento City Council District 4.