Issue: October 25, 2012

Has Jerry Brown finally bitten off more than he can chew? No recent governor has gotten the state's voters to accept reality and raise taxes. Brown's campaigning like a dynamo for Proposition 30, but what happens to his job--and to the state--if it fails? Marc Cooper reports for SN&R.

In Frontlines this week, Darwin BondGraham says, "Meet Proposition 32. New lipstick, old pig." In Capitol Lowdon, Greg Lucas mulls over the in-between state of the state's independent voters, and in Bites, Cosmo Garvin explains why the race for the SMUD Board is important--and who's running for a spot on it.

In Arts&Culture, Kel Munger assures us that at Imperial Silence: Una opera muerta, if the fat lady sings, her bones will rattle. She talks to John Jota Leaños, the creator of the multimedia, Day of the Dead-inspired spectacle. Also: Ngaio Bealum profiles Massive Delicious in Music; Patti Roberts raves over a steamin' steampunking version of The Rocky Horror Show; and Jonathan Kiefer says that Cloud Atlas is cloudy, with a chance of confusion.

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    This article was published on 10.25.12