Fun Size

Rated 1.0

A teenager (Victoria Justice) has to pass up the coolest Halloween party to baby-sit her kid brother (Jackson Nicoll). Then, she loses the boy when he wanders off and falls in with a lovesick 7-Eleven clerk (Thomas Middleditch). She goes searching for her brother with her best friend (Jane Levy) and two nerds (Thomas Mann, Osric Chau) in tow. This may not be the worst movie of the year (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a hard act to follow), but it’s probably the most amateurish. Max Werner’s script recycles the worst clichés of every teen big-night comedy since American Graffiti, larding them over with dumb gags that thud like stifled belches. Acting never rises above high-school level, not even from pros like Chelsea Handler and Ana Gasteyer, so the fault must lie with first-time (mis)director Josh Schwartz.