Issue: November 08, 2012

He didn't think it would be a crime, even if he did it in the United States. Even if he did it in Amador County. In 1993, Hafed Mohamed Thabet thought he got justice when he shot and killed the man who had killed his father years before. Instead, the Yemeni national sealed another bloody link in a chain of honor killings and went to prison with a 15-to-life sentence. Steven Anderson and SN&R staff writer Raheem F. Hosseini explore a Northern California honor killing—and what it took to stop the cycle of violence—in this week's feature.

In Frontlines, Darwin BondGraham takes a look at a move to privatize highways. That's right, highways. A few years back, CalTrans slipped a private contract in for a major highway; now, there's a potential business opportunity worth trillions.

Alternative drawing? Well, it's got a big dash of pop culture and usually a superhero or two, not to mention zombies. And there's a thriving culture of alternative drawing groups in the Sacramento area. Aaron Carnes explores in Arts&Culture. In Dish, Becky Grunewald says Pit Stop Bar-B-Cue in North Highlands has a cool décor of wood, wood and more wood, but the barbecue is nostalgia-worthy; in Music, Rachel Leibrock talks to the CAVE women.

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