Free Freeport Boulevard, say yes to new bike lanes

Sacramento City Council should approve boulevard makeover

C.K. McClatchy High School, Sacramento City College, the Fourth Avenue light-rail stop, William Land Park—all these destinations on Freeport Boulevard attract a ton of bicyclists. But Freeport, what with its four lanes of traffic, two each way, isn’t safe for two-wheeled commuters.

Remedying this heavily traveled thoroughfare is long overdue. That’s why SN&R urges city council this week to approve a $1.4 million overhaul of Freeport between Sutterville Road and Fourth Avenue, which would convert the boulevard into one lane of traffic north and south and a suicide lane with bike lanes on both sides.

Yes, we understand neighbors’ concerns—even outrage—over how the switch will impact parking and traffic congestion. But establishing a north-south bicycle-friendly connector between “the grid” and destinations such as McClatchy and Sacramento City College should have happened years ago. This plan may not be the best for everyone—even cyclists—but it’s affordable and workable.

The proposed overhaul of the boulevard also includes the addition of crosswalks on Fifth, Sixth and Seventh avenues, which will make it a helluva lot easier—and less risky—for students to walk to and from school.

SN&R stands by almost any progressive-minded, bike-friendly improvements to Sacramento’s infrastructure. We look forward to these new lanes and changes in 2014.