Vote Dr. Ami Bera

SN&R endorses Dr. Ami Bera in the 7th Congressional District

For more information on the political record of Congressman Dan Lungren, find "The Dan Lungren trivia challenge!" by Melinda Welsh (SN&R Feature Story, September 27) at

If you are a television viewer living anywhere within 20 clicks of Sacramento, you too have been bombarded with Congressman Dan Lungren and Dr. Ami Bera attack and counterattack ads this past month. Guess what? It’s not going to end until Election Day, since an avalanche of money continues to pour in. What’s at stake is a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. And, despite our distaste for the ads, SN&R’s clear choice is to endorse Bera to represent the 7th Congressional District.

First off, there is Lungren. A career politician, he has been ultraconservative for decades, long before the country stewed and spoiled in political division as it now does. Lungren has voted to oppose abortion and stem-cell research; supported offshore oil drilling; voted no on enforcing limits on carbon emissions and on tax credits for renewable energy; blocked efforts at campaign-finance reform; and fought initiatives to better regulate the financial sector.

Lungren is just far too conservative to represent a district that incorporates huge swaths of Sacramento County.

By contrast, Bera will be a bright, solid congressman—a Democrat willing to think outside the box. By trade, he’s a physician and medical administrator—not a politician or a lawyer—so he will enter Congress with a business-not-as-usual bias. In addition to understanding health care inside and out, Bera has shown he will stick up for the rights and futures of women, the poor and the middle class. He’ll be a strong environmental advocate and ally to those in Congress who are working to combine job growth with lower carbon emissions.

Join us in supporting Bera in the 7th Congressional District.