Top five reasons to shop local

Visit the Institute for Self-Reliance at for more reasons to shop local this holiday season.

Don’t fall into the big-box trap this holiday season. Commit to spending at least half of your gift and celebration money right here in Sacramento. Here are some motivating reasons:

1. Dollars spent with Sacramento-area businesses stay in our community at a much higher percentage than if you spend at a big-box chain store. Local businesses produce more income, jobs and tax revenues for our region.

2. Local businesses keep our neighborhoods pulsating. Communities like Midtown that support one-of-a-kind businesses tend to remain distinctive and economically successful.

3. Shopping locally sourced gifts is good for the environment, since it reduces the need to ship products from thousands of miles away, which translates into less greenhouse-gas pollution emitted into the atmosphere.

4. According to the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, local businesses ensure innovation, and that’s the best way to ensure low prices over the long term.

5. Compared to chain stores, regional businesses will recycle a much larger portion of their revenue back into the local economy. As a bonus, they link neighbors in a vibrant web of economic and social relationships.