Jerry reloaded

We at SN&R have been writing “Go Team Jerry” editorials since 2010, when Gov. Jerry Brown swept fearlessly back into office with a title he seems destined to hold for more years than any other living soul. We’ve expressed: 1. enthusiasm for his original strategy to fix the state’s budget debacle; 2. vexation when that plan was thwarted by a handful of recalcitrant GOP legislators; and 3. full-throttled support for his push to finally get the plan before voters a few weeks ago in the form of Proposition 30.

So it’s no surprise to find us thrilled at the passage of that proposition. We believe this needed tax increase—mostly on the very wealthy—is the one thing we could do to halt a perpetual erosion of our state’s schools, most basic services and hopes for the future.

California’s got lots of problems to solve. That’s ongoing. But right now, we can all bask in the knowledge that our state, as with the country, is in a position to keep moving forward.