Giving thanks, SN&R style

We’re thankful:

That we don’t have to call it Power Balance Pavilion anymore. Ever.

For California’s whopping 55 electoral votes.

For the retirement of Congressman Dan Lungren.

For the 2013 launch of Obamacare in California.

That we haven’t experienced a superstorm firsthand.

That we won’t need to caption photos of the Romney family. Trust us, it’s impossible.

For the savvy and wise Gov. Jerry Brown, who’s proven that he comes with all the fanfare and show of Ahnold—hold the nincompoopery.

That construction workers performing streetscape work along Del Paso Boulevard appear to be building SN&R its very own moat!

That chose journalism as only the fifth Worst Job of 2012 and not No. 1 (thanks, lumberjacks!).

That those Rage on the River kids finally stopped leaving us angry, drunken messages on Facebook.

That California is no longer handing down third-strike convictions for SWB (shoplifting while black).

That Sac’s turned into such a great beer town.

For the ever-growing number of inspired Sacramento chefs who favor locally grown foods.

For the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op’s Owner Appreciation Month (pick a day in November to save 10 percent!).

For butt-hurt Republicans: It’s the GOP at its most beautiful.

That we’re located near awesome year-round farmers markets.

For the levees not breaking. Yet. Hopefully never.

That Guy Fieri doesn’t own more restaurants here.

That the 47 percent voted.

For Sacramento’s independent coffee roasters and purveyors: Broadacre Coffee, Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters, Insight Coffee Roasters, Old Soul Co., Temple Coffee. We’d never make it through the day without you. (No, really, we wouldn’t.)