Olive, my love

illustration by MARK STIVERS

I didn’t eat olives when I was younger. But I’ve come to love the small fruit. Last week, I walked past a handful of olive trees at a park near my house. As I resisted my urge to pick the ripe black olives (I don’t exactly know how to cure them), the tree made me wonder if there were many olive-oil producers in the Sacramento area. Turns out that within an hour-or-so drive out of the city, there are indeed plenty, including Apollo Olive Oil (www.apollooliveoil.com); Bariani Olive Oil (www.barianioliveoil.com); Bozzano Olive Ranch (www.bozzanoranch.com); Calivirgin (www.calivirgin.com); Corto Olive (www.corto-olive.com); Frate Sole Olive Oil Co. (www.fratesole.net); Jovia Groves Olive Oil (www.joviagroves.com); and Mia Sorella Olive Oil, Vinegars & More (http://store.miasorella.com). There’s even an olive-oil tasting room and shop in Old Sacramento called Chefs’ Olive Mix (131 J Street). A purchase from one of theses local businesses might even make a good holiday gift.